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So good to connect with you!

Thanks for opening this: our premier blog post on the Lutheran Youth Choir’s new website!

We’re excited to unveil this new website, with its bright and clean design and easy navigation. This blog section will be an especially useful place for sharing the choir’s news, stories, and music—and for giving you opportunities to communicate with us and others who love the Lutheran Youth Choir.

The website is just one dimension of our much fuller plan for staying in touch with you.

  • Email. Soon we’ll release our first email “blast” to past and prospective choir members, their families, and people who have supported the choir over the past several years. Anyone can subscribe to our mailing list, any time. We won’t hammer you with messages … just a friendly update every now and then.
  • FacebookLIKE the Lutheran Youth Choir on Facebook to receive occasional updates, photos, music, videos, links, and connections with others who follow our ministry. We’ve also started a Facebook Group where you can join conversations about music, faith, youth leadership, and the choir itself.
  • Twitter. We’ve just created the LuthYouthChoir account and are looking forward to bringing the choir’s voice to the Twitter-verse. Follow us!
  • YouTube. We’re not new to YouTube (a quick search will turn up several recordings we’ve shared in the past). But we’ll soon launch a new channel for sharing audio and video of the choir’s performances, brief messages from the choir’s leadership, photo montages, and more.

We look forward to meeting and sharing with you in all these places. In the middle of it all will be this blog, where we hope you will comment, ask questions, and just generally stay in touch.

So tell us …

Where, in this world of electronic media, will we connect with you most often? Will you join us on Facebook? Twitter? YouTube? All of the above? Will you wait for our email to hit your inbox? Is there some other way you’d like to hear from the choir? Tell us in the comments below.