About the Choir

The Lutheran Youth Choir offers high school and returning college students the opportunity to:

  • Come together to experience the joy of rehearsing and performing music to the glory of God.
  • Go forth to spread the good news of God’s love in Christ through music, word and deed.
  • Build strong, faith-based relationships among participants and with Lutheran congregations.

Founding Principles

The Lutheran Youth Choir is founded on the following principles:

  1. Provide a faith-based learning experience for high school youth and returning college students though studying and rehearsing a broad spectrum of sacred music, particularly choral literature and hymnody of the Lutheran heritage and of the Americas.
  2. Present inspiring, educational and enjoyable concerts and worship services to congregations in North America and abroad.
  3. Establish and strengthen relationships with Lutheran congregations and youth by interacting with them in preparation, concert/worship and post-concert/worship settings and activities.
  4. Expand the experience and understanding of youth, faith and culture for both program participants and audiences.