Love to sing?


1 + 2016 = 1000

What kind of crazy math is this???

In this, our 10th anniversary year (another important number), the Lutheran Youth Choir International invites you to “do the math!”

We are an ecumenical, summertime touring choir for high school youth founded in 2005. We have held three ten-day Festivals of American Vocal Music in Germany (2011, 2013, and 2015), and one Festival of Global Vocal Music in the Chicago area (2012), in addition to two domestic choir tours (2006, 2007).

So how can you “do the math”?  We invite all high school students to join us for one or both of our next two choral festivals, Chicago/Milwaukee in Summer 2016 and Germany in Summer 2017!  And everyone (1) who registers for the 2016 Festival will automatically receive a $1,000 scholarship to sing in the 2017 Festival in Germany! (1 + 2016 = 1000).

2017 will be a very special year to be singing in Germany, with many once-in-a lifetime “Luther 500” events and tours throughout the area where the historic castle in which we live and rehearse, Schloss Mansfeld, is located!

The Lutheran Youth Choir also has a generous Double Scholarship Program for singers interested in our 2016 festival.

Click on the various pages of this website for information and application materials.

Get started now and do the math!

Philip Spencer                                                      Founding Conductor